The Art Of Choosing

The Art Of Choosing

Have you ever walked into a room and thought to yourself “something’s missing here.” The room, although filled with furniture, looks incomplete. More often than not, the answer is art. Sometimes all it takes is a few pieces of art to liven up a space, whether it’s your bedroom, living room, hallway or even your kitchen. Filling your space with art that represents you pulls the space together making your home more inviting, art turns a house into a home. While there are no set rules when it comes to picking art, we’ve put together some handy tips that will help you select the perfect wall art for you.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s start off with what we believe is most important: Pick art you love. It’s that simple. Art is meant to evoke emotions, a reaction. So, make sure that whatever, theme, style, color or size you pick, it makes you feel happy every single time you see it.


Got style?

Now for the practical stuff. The current style of your home is a major contributor to what art will fit in it. Your home might be modern, minimal with earthy tones. Your art should reflect that. Whereas your space might be a little more traditional, filled with antiques, wood and bold furniture, your art should also follow that same path. Wallzy packages is a carefully curated selection of artworks grouped together by theme, so if you find yourself a little lost, we’ve got you covered.


Finding your palette.

One very useful (and simple) way of selecting art is by color. Reflecting the existing color scheme of your space in the art you choose, or by picking the boldest colors and hues and incorporating them in the art you fill your walls with. That’s why you’ll find the convenient option to filter artworks by color while going through Wallzy’s large selection or artworks.


Size matters.

If you’ve got a space you need to fill up with a few art pieces, size plays a very important role here. We always recommend picking the largest artwork first and working your way down from there. At Wallzy we offer five different sizes ranging from XS to XL. Giving you to freedom to decide what art to accentuate in your space.

Finding the right art for you doesn’t have to be a difficult process, following these simple steps will help you ensure you make the right choice for you and your space.